Overall Rating: 77.50%
Average Rating: 7.75/10
I recently needed customer service at Laurel Hill and the representative who handled my concern gave excellent service and resolved the dilemna within five minutes. It is so nice to be able to call and have a real human being answer and attend to the customer's needs!
Marie Moore
I had given up being able to continue crocheting and had begun knitting, my hands would tingle and ache, then i came across LH Hooks looking for ergonomic hooks, so i thought i'd try one, absolutely the best kept secret in the crochet world! I love these hooks - they have given me back the gift of crochet, thank you so much for these beautiful hooks!
Robin Gorton
I have been crocheting for over 30 years. For the majority of that time I used only aluminum hooks and only a particular brand. But I am not as young as I used to be, and it was becoming downright painful to do the one thing I have loved for over half my life. So, out of desperation I began to seek out different brand and style hooks, hoping something out there would salvage my crochet career. That's when I came upon Laurel Hill hooks. The design and the wood appealed to me. So I wrote down all the info in my "wish book". Hubby surprised me that Christmas with the entire set of Trai hooks. What pleasure!!!
The set of hooks arrived in a surprisingly strong sturdy cardboard box. Each hook was in it's own sleeve, clearly designating the size of the hook.
The warm lightweight wood made aching fingers and shoulder strain a thing of the past.
The indented throat and strategically pointed tip make accuracy and stitch tension a breeze.
The thumb rest is perfectly positioned to eliminate thumb and arm strain and pain.
The artfully crafted and honed wood make for a ballet-like, pleasurable and swift, flow of creativity and accomplishment. And these hooks have never frustrated me by picking and pulling at the yarn.
Why anyone would use anything different is beyond me!
I am very excited to try my Dreamz but after using the Addi Turbos I'm thinking I would like the Novas better. I will have to order a few tips to try! And I love your reviews!! You give a nice honest response to everything. Grace recently posted..
Soup, ZHK41IrFx

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