Brittany 10" Single Point Birch Wood

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Manufacturer: Brittany


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Laurel Hill no longer manufactures a line of exotic wood knitting needles so we conducted a search to find a suitable replacement. Once we found Brittany we were satisfied and realized we share a lot of the same core values. Please take a look at the information below taken directly from their site.

The Brittany Commitment to the Environment

We pride ourselves in being an environmentally-minded company and try to minimize our impact at every stage of production. We have worked very hard to develop the “greenest” packaging possible for our needles. It is made from 100% recycled paperboard and is 100% recyclable. If the label is removed it is perfectly safe to put in your compost pile. The package is as small and lightweight as possible to be efficient in shipping and thus consume less energy getting to the final customer. We recycle everything we can at our workshop, from catalogs to containers. Office paper and cardboard are reused if possible before being recycled. Shipping material is reused from packages we receive and we only buy eco-friendly packing material – never styrofoam. The actual amount of trash we create is minimal, much less than most households.

The birch used to make the needles is sustainably harvested. We try to get the other materials used at the shop in the most environmentally friendly form available. We appreciate the natural beauty and clean fresh air of the Northern California coast where we live and work and understand the importance of preserving it and the rest of the planet.

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