Trai Crochet Hooks

Price: $9.00
Product ID : trai_ch
Manufacturer: Laurel Hill


Size D - 3.25 mm
Size E - 3.50 mm
Size F - 3.75 mm
Size G - 4.00 mm
Size 7 - 4.50 mm
Size H - 5.00 mm
Size I - 5.50 mm
Size J - 6.00 mm
Size K - 6.50 mm
Size L - 8.00 mm
Size M - 9.00 mm


Exotic, Handmade and Sustainable at reasonable prices.

Our Trai crochet hooks are hand selected, sized, sanded and polished into functional works of art.

These hooks have a unique thumb rest providing comfort for longer crochet sessions.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Anniem
01/05/2016 - 11:34:56 AM
A Lifesaver!
After 30 years of crocheting, approaching my 60's, I began to have more and more difficulty with my usual aluminum hooks. Tried plastic hooks, but they certainly did NOT glide through yarn. Tried wide handled hooks which hurt my hand and wrist even more than the aluminum. So I searched the net for something to save me!
My dear husband found my "wish book" which lists and details crochet items I would like. It included every one of Laurel Hill's Trai hooks along with ID numbers. He called Laurel Hill on the sneak and I got them that Christmas!
They arrived individually sheathed in lightweight cardboard with their corresponding moniker labeled clearly. These were all packed in a very sturdy hard cardboard box. All arrived in one piece, nothing broken or marred.
There was an immediate difference in my comfort level, even alleviating the pain and stiffness in my shoulder (which I had gotten so used to I didn't really pay attention to it until I realized it was gone). My fingers stopped aching. My thumb had the perfect resting spot.
These lightweight hooks glide through any weight, quality and fiber with ease. It's an amazing, silky, speedy experience each and every time I use them.
I have recommended these hooks to anyone willing to listen. Although many a crocheter has balked at the price, what makes them even more appealingly accessible is that they can be bought individually as well as in a set.
Bottom line: You DO get what you pay for!
Thank you Laurel Hill for a practical beautiful product. Thank you even more for enabling me to make charity items every year!

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