Ebony Crochet Hooks

Price: $10.00
Product ID : ebony_ch
Manufacturer: Laurel Hill


Size D - 3.25 mm
Size E - 3.50 mm
Size F - 3.75 mm
Size G - 4.00 mm
Size 7 - 4.50 mm
Size H - 5.00 mm
Size I - 5.50 mm
Size J - 6.00 mm
Size K - 6.50 mm
Size L - 8.00 mm
Size M - 9.00 mm


Exotic, Handmade and Sustainable at reasonable prices.

Our Ebony crochet hooks are hand selected, sized, sanded and polished into functional works of art.

These hooks have a unique thumb rest providing comfort for longer crochet sessions.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by j8-888@att.net
j8-888@att.net bought "Ebony Crochet Hooks" on our website
04/27/2014 - 12:05:38 PM
Marvelous Hooks, especially for difficult yarns
I now have two of every common size, so I can have one of each at home and one at work for lunchtime crocheting. They are very comfortable, very smooth and so beautiful. They are the best I have found for working with difficult yarns that other hooks split easily or catch as you try to pull the hook through. I especially recommend them for cotton yarns.
Reviewed by Crown
01/27/2014 - 06:26:24 PM
Great Crochet Hook
The Ebony crochet hooks are not only functional, they are beautiful. The wood is so smooth and the thumb rest provides for hours of crocheting.
Reviewed by Crown
01/22/2014 - 03:14:06 PM
Ebony Crochet Hooks
These are beautiful hooks. Comfortable in the hand, especially the unique thumb rest!

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