Neko Curved Double Point Hat Needles

Neko Curved Double Point Hat Needles
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Price: $13.99
Product ID : neko_curved_dp_hat_needles
Manufacturer: Neko


#2.5 3mm
#4 3.5mm
#6 4mm
#7 4.5mm
#8 5mm
#9 5.5mm
#10 6mm
#10-3/4 7mm
#11 8mm
#13 9mm (+$1.00)
#15 10mm (+$1.00)
#17 12mm (+$1.00)


Comes 3 curved double point needles to a set.

NEKO's Curved Double Pointed Needle design makes it possible 
to knit socks, hats and loops with only 3 knitting needles.

Two needles hold the stitches and the third needle is used as knitting needle.

NEKO's Curved Needle Set makes knitting socks, hats and loops easier, faster and much more comfortable.

In Germany this kind of knitting sock, hats and loopsis called "Knitting Game" (Strickspiel).

With NEKOs CDPNs it is not done with five needles as usual but with three needles only.

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Reviewed by EstherParis
09/24/2017 - 10:41:00 AM
Easy & less stressful!
I originally saw these while on a short trip in Canada. (Have to stop in every LYS I see, don't you know! (Even if it's not local to my home.) I bought a set (or three.)

They are easy to use once you get the knack. Watch the video.

Once you are accustomed, you will find them less stressful than regular DPNs. You won't be dropping stitches from the ends, and there are fewer needles to keep track of. You can even do "Magic Loop-ish" work where 1/2 the stitches are on each needle, and the cast-on tail reminds you which needle is the start of the round! This is stellar for turning a sock heel on 1/2 the stitches and leaving the instep stitches idle for a bit. Even the gusset is easier because it's clearly all on one needle. You'll need fewer stitch markers.

Try them. I bet you a plate of poutine that you'll like them. I'm glad Laurel Hill has them as just yesterday I was scouring the 'Net to find a set in US 7! Ta da! Laurel Hill to the rescue! Pop! They are already in my e-cart.

Four stars only because they DO take practice (as all new tricks in knitting do) and they're (too) fiddly for cast-on (in my opinion.) Your mileage may vary.

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