Designer Profiles

Designer Profiles is new for 2018.

Corinne Freeman
Corinne Freeman author of Box Stitch Crochet will share a monthly free pattern from her book on Laurel Hill, newsletters, and product updates. Also, other Corrine Freeman crochet patterns from outside this book will be available to Laurel Hill community subscribers.

Ruth Tillman
View "Crochet from the Very Beginning"
 by Ruth Tillman, who loves our Laurel Hill hooks!

This video takes you through your crochet tools, how to hold your hook and yarn, how to make your foundation stitch (chain stitch) and how to single crochet in rows.

Ruth's second video in her Beginning Crochet Series is "How To: Half Double Crochet and Double Crochet". This video guides you through Half Double Crochet Stitches and Double Crochet Stitches.