The Laurel Hill Community supports, strengthens and enhances your crochet and knitting experience.

Knots of Love - Their mission is to warm the hearts and heads of those experiencing traumatic hair loss.  Volunteers lovingly hand-knit and crochet caps for those struggling with treatment-induced hair loss and tiny Neonatal blankets for fragile new lives in incubators.  Knots of Love caps and blankets server as a constant reminder to the patient and their loved ones that they are not alone.  All Knots of Love handmade creations are distributed free of charge to hospitals and treatment centers throughout the country -- and most importantly at no cost to the patient receiving the caps.

Knots of Love offers complete Crochet and Knit Kits making it easy to get involved.  Visit their Store to learn more!

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Variety Crochet Hook Set Product featured in Spring 2017 Issue of Interweave Crochet hit newsstands 3/14/2017


Hi - have you seen this from our Facebook page - posted by Angela Davis 03/10/16:

Most people, when they see a 5 star rating and people ranting and raving about how great something is, think "Sure it is...." But I can honestly say without a doubt the two hooks I now own are most beautiful and well crafted I've seen in my life. They are so light and smooth! I know these hooks have hooked me. (Pun intended)

Elegant V-Stitch Cowl

I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with a Laurel Hill Ebony Crochet Hook. And I have to say…this hook was extraordinary!! I will admit that I am a little fussy about my crochet hooks, too. Since I spend a lot of my “work time” stitching, my hook just has to feel nice to hold, and be comfortable to work with. This hook was just that! The wood was incredibly smooth and luxurious feeling, and the shape of the part that rests in your hand was very comfortable. On top of that, the tip of the hook has a shape that is perfect for grabbing the yarn – not too deep, not to shallow. All around, an absolutely beautiful crochet hook!
So what did I make with my fabulous new Laurel Hill Ebony Crochet Hook? I used one skein of a pretty alpaca yarn and made an elegant cowl that is going to be fantastic for spring. It uses a V-Stitch pattern, which gives it an open feel, and it’s just the right size for that little bit of extra warmth that you might need on a spring day, or evening.

Posh Patterns 2/18/16
Tammy's blog main address is
The exact link (for the full free pattern) is here

From Cindy Stickney a Knots of Love cap maker 2/8/2016:

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the Laurel Hill crochet hooks, and I love them!  The day they arrived, I decided I needed to sit down that evening and give them a try.  They are so lightweight in your hand and glide through the yarn very nicely.  They're very comfortable in my hand, so I can understand why they would be great for those with arthritis.  I only wish that I'd purchased more!”

Testimonial from Danette 1/14/2016:
Once I discovered Laurel Hill, she said there is no going back. She is “hooked” on Laurel Hill for so many reasons.

“I LOVE the length and weight of the hooks,” Danette enthuses. “Not too long, not too heavy and they glide just beautifully. And how amazing to learn that they are arthritis-friendly!”

Danette says she is very picky about the way hooks catch, and Laurel Hill’s easily let go.

“The hooks are made exactly right and I love the points, no other hooks have points like these,” adds Danette. “Plus, they are wood and so warm in your hands.”

Danette exclaims that she will not use any other crochet hooks but Laurel Hill’s.

Laurel Hill Trai Crochet Hooks - Reviewed by Anniem - 01/05/2016

A Lifesaver!
After 30 years of crocheting, approaching my 60's, I began to have more and more difficulty with my usual aluminum hooks. Tried plastic hooks, but they certainly did NOT glide through yarn. Tried wide handled hooks which hurt my hand and wrist even more than the aluminum. So I searched the net for something to save me!
My dear husband found my "wish book" which lists and details crochet items I would like. It included every one of Laurel Hill's Trai hooks along with ID numbers. He called Laurel Hill on the sneak and I got them that Christmas!
They arrived individually sheathed in lightweight cardboard with their corresponding moniker labeled clearly. These were all packed in a very sturdy hard cardboard box. All arrived in one piece, nothing broken or marred.
There was an immediate difference in my comfort level, even alleviating the pain and stiffness in my shoulder (which I had gotten so used to I didn't really pay attention to it until I realized it was gone). My fingers stopped aching. My thumb had the perfect resting spot.
These lightweight hooks glide through any weight, quality and fiber with ease. It's an amazing, silky, speedy experience each and every time I use them.
I have recommended these hooks to anyone willing to listen. Although many a crocheter has balked at the price, what makes them even more appealingly accessible is that they can be bought individually as well as in a set.
Bottom line: You DO get what you pay for!
Thank you Laurel Hill for a practical beautiful product. Thank you even more for enabling me to make charity items every year!

Here is what Angelina from LoveKnitting had to say on her Instagram page:
Have you all discovered Laurel Hill crochet hooks yet? They are totally amazing! Here is a hat I made for Christmas last week:

Giveaway Laurel Hill Needles:
a little bit sharp, light and lovely to use.

These particular needles are made out of coconut palm wood and are available in sizes 9, 10, 11 and 13 (5.5, 6, 8 and 9 mm). I really liked using them even though I use circular knitting needles for most purposes.

This week I’m giving away a set of all four sizes of these needles to one reader. This week we’re doing a Rafflecopter contest so you can earn extra chances to win by visiting Facebook if you want. The contest runs through Monday, Dec. 7 at 12 a.m. Eastern.

Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing, and good luck!

This one is from Karen:
“I have always been so happy with Laurel Hill’s quality products and extraordinary customer service,” says Karen. “My daughter feels the same way and has told me time and again how smooth and wonderful the hooks are to work with.”

Vicki B.
“I have let my husband, my daughters and my friends know what I want for the holidays,” said knitter Vicki B. “I even gave them the link for Laurel Hill’s website since those are my favorite needles. I am just hoping someone comes through!”

Carole F.
A lover of natural fibers, Carole explains that she is a “wood fanatic” who is loyal to Laurel Hill because their fiber arts tools are “SO smooth, SO beautiful and they move very easily without worrying that the stitches will move off the needles or hooks.” Carole adores her complete collection of Laurel Hill wooden hooks in their “gorgeous” case. She exclaims that after discovering Laurel Hill at an Atlanta yarn show more than five years ago, Carole says she will never go back to metal.

Christine F.
“Made from exotic woods, Laurel Hill crochet hooks are so wonderful -once you use one you won’t want to use anything else. The wood helps keep warmth in my hands hopefully warding off arthritis in years to come. Laurel Hill takes great pride in providing sustainable products to their customers.”

Ruth T.
With so much time spent crocheting, Ruth soon noticed that her hands were strained. Then, about five years ago when she was browsing in a yarn shop, she spotted a Laurel Hill Nam OC hook – after that moment, Ruth has never looked back. “I have tried every kind of hook and now will only use the ones from Laurel Hill,” she explains. “They are so smooth and have little grips that help me hold them without holding too tight – my hands can totally relax. Now I have the whole set.”