Laurel Hill is an innovative, environmentally friendly company dedicated to producing the highest quality exotic handmade knitting needles, crochet hooks, and accessories at reasonable prices. We are a socially responsible company and our mission is to source and offer natural suistainable products from the U.S. and abroad that have a positive impact on our partners and their communities. 

Mission: Our Philosophy

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Forest Palm is Simply the Best

Recycled and Sustainable

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Mission: Our Philosophy

Why just knit or crochet? Laurel Hill products can help create an ambiance of creativity, confidence and peace to enhance your experience. With our tools in your hands you can feel the weight and smoothness, hear the sound of the needles when the points touch, and enjoy the satisfaction of completing a challenging project.

That’s what it’s all about.

Laurel Hill respects independent retail yarn shops who educate the public and inspire the next generation of hand knitters.

We exhibit at various industry Tradeshows and Conferences to learn more about the special needs of people who knit and crochet.

With feedback from attendee’s and experts at these conferences, we have improved and developed innovative items. For example with suggestions from The Crochet Guild of America we developed a unique thumb rest for our crochet hooks that makes it comfortable for most folks and sets us apart from our competition.

When knitters and industry leaders told us they wanted knitting needles for people who suffer from arthritis we helped develop four-sided and triangular needles.

We continue to listen to our audience to improve and help develop new products.

Our goal is to make the finest handmade knitting needles, crochet hooks and accessories at reasonable prices.

Our Products

Laurel Hill and our Vietnamese partners share a common artistic spirit, and together transform renewable, exotic woods into functional works of art.

Our cooperative production facility is environmentally friendly and safe; all members are treated with dignity and respect.

The wood is carefully hand selected, sized, sanded, and polished to create premium knitting needles and crochet hooks.

Forest Palm is Simply the Best

As part of an economic development coalition sponsored by Portland State University to develop small business, we made our first trip to Vietnam. After visiting many factories over a few years we found the right partner who shared our vision and started to manufacture private label knitting needles for others in the hand knitting industry. In the continual process of refining our skills and improving our products, we found Forest Palm wood. Attractive and structurally superior to the other woods we were using, we found it to be extremely flexible and a strong hardwood. It is easy to make a good shaft and point but is very difficult for the user to break or split. In summary, our experience making knitting needles for others has taught us that Forest Palm is simply the best material to make handmade exotic wood knitting needles. Now, we are offering our own line of Laurel Hill Forest Palm Knitting Needles at reasonable prices.

Recycled and Sustainable

We source all our exotic woods (Ebony, Nam Oc, and Trai) from furniture and musical instrument factories. We take only the small pieces of wood and reuse this recycled material to create beautiful handmade knitting and crocheting tools. Our Forest Palm comes from the lower part of the old branches of palm trees and is 100% recycled material.


Our Guarantee

We are pleased you’ve chosen our products for your hand – knitting and crochet projects.

If for any reason our products don’t meet your expectations, we’ll gladly replace or refund the item.

For customer satisfaction testimonials, please read our testimonials.

Our Partners

Laurel Hill manufactures private label Fiber Arts Tools and Kits for others in the hand knitting industry.

To learn more about these companies please visit the links below.

Bryson Distributing
The exclusive distributor of our original Forest Palm crochet hooks.

Knots of Love knitted and crocheted caps are given free of charge to people transitioning through the effects of chemotherapy or other life-threatening illnesses or injuries.


Testimonials About Laurel Hill Crochet Hooks

“Thanks so much, Rick. What I failed to tell you in my previous e-mail is what a dream the hooks are to crochet with! They feel so comfortable in the hand, and glide through yarn like silk. Great products!”

Carol Alexander, Editor, Crochet! magazine, Member Board of Directors, CGOA

“These elegant instruments are divine! I love the larger thumb spot of the crochet hook, and the wood used for all the pieces is wonderful!”

Barb Bettegnies, Editor, Creative Knitting

“I received my prize today… a lovely wooden crochet hook from Laurel Hill! I've been concentrating on learning how to knit and putting off learning to crochet. I think the crochet lessons, just moved up on my list. The hook is a lovely dark wood - ebony, I think. If feels lovely and is to light. I've just got to get a few WIPs out of the way before I think about starting something else new.
Thanks very much to all the Ravelympics organizers, participants and supporters! That was an awesome event! And thanks to the folks at Laurel Hill - I think you've got me hooked.”

Comments on Ravelry web site

“I have to say…I love the Laurel Hill crochet hooks. I'm trying to learn and tried about 3-4 different brands. There's were the best!”

Comment on Ravelry web site

“My prize arrived yesterday, a lovely crochet hook from Laurel Hill. Thank you, Laurel Hill! It feels wonderful and now I want to go start a project specifically so I can take my new hook for a test drive.”

Comment on Ravelry web site

“Hi Kimberli and KelliM and thanks for the most excellent crochet hook - it arrived!”

Comment on Ravelry web site. Note: Kimberli was the organizer of the event.)

“A Laurel Hill crochet hook! It's ebony, really beautiful. Ravelympics was so much fun, and now I have this great tool to remind me of it. Thanks all, for the time and effort it took to organize this.”

Comment on Ravelry web site

“Thank you KelliM, Casey and Kimberli for the lovely crochet hook from Laurel Hill! I really appreciate it and hope to pay the random Ravelry act of kindness forward! thanks again!”

Comment on Ravelry web site

“I received my crochet hook from Laurel Hill a few days ago. I love the way it feels in my hand. I only know basic crochet, but this hook has motivated me to learn more! Thank you KelliM and Kimberli for the great gift and for Ravelympics.”

Comment on Ravelry web site

“My Laurel Hill crochet hook arrived today, and I'm so excited! Beautiful ebony hook...almost too nice to use. Thank you for making Ravelympics even more special for me. From Norway with love, Mariaflyfly.”

Mariaflyfly, on Ravelry web site

“I too received my Laurel Hill crochet hook - it is gorgeous! Thanks to the sponsors and Kimberli and KelliM - it was lovely to receive a surprise gift!!”

Comment on Ravelry web site

“Hello Lovely Ravolympians! I received my prize a week or so ago. It's a lovely Laurel Hill crochet hook, size F. I have other F hooks but can pass them forward since I love wood. On Yarncycle (like Freecycle but for needlework stuff) there is a teacher who needs hooks for her students so that is where the other ones will go. I have the middle dark wood- forget what it's called at the moment. I love wooden hooks and needles the best so thanks very much.”

Comment on Ravelry web site

“These needles are fabulous - I am happy to sing their praises! I find them lighter than traditional wooden needles and my hands are seldom tired after knitting for long periods of time with them. The point on my needles is fine enough to make picking up the next stitch easy, yet, not overly fine so that I might pierce or fray my thicker yarns. The woods provide just enough surface friction to keep my stitches tidy and greatly helps with precision when working more complicated patterns. I've even found my gauge to be more consistent using these great wooden needles!”

Alethea Hanley

“Knitting on my Laurel Hill needles helped me to rediscover why I started knitting in the first place. I have always loved the finished art I create and now I not only get to make art, but I also have the chance to look at it while I knit! The quality of the needles can be seen when I finish knitting through the consistently created smoothness from the beautiful woods used for the needles. Holding a pair of knitting needles requires them to be comfortable in both weight and feel but the added bonus of being beautiful makes knitting a truly enjoyable experience. I have never before had such splendid needles, thank you.”

Helene Marte

In the Press

The following publications have showcased our Laurel Hill products.

Please note, these features are not paid advertisements by Laurel Hill but are editor’s picks of new products for the hand knitting industry.

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