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Exotic, Handmade and Sustainable. All at Reasonable Prices.

Why just crochet? Laurel Hill products can help create an ambiance of creativity, confidence, and peace to enhance your crocheting experience. With our crochet hooks in your hands, you can feel the weight and smoothness, and enjoy the satisfaction of completing a project.

Made from exotic woods and hand polished into functional works of art, Laurel Hill crochet hooks are recognized as some of the best on the planet. On advice from the Crochet Guild of America these hooks have a unique thumb rest making them comfortable for anyone who wants to crochet. From the novice to the experienced designer, Laurel Hill crochet hooks perform and look as good as they feel.

View "Crochet The Very Beginning" by Ruth Tillman who loves our Laurel Hill hooks! Published on Sep 18, 2015.
This video takes you through your crochet tools, how to hold your hook and yarn, how to make your foundation stitch (chain stitch) and how to single crochet in rows.

Ruth's second video in her Beginning Crochet Series is How To: Half Double Crochet and Double Crochet. This video guides you through Half Double Crochet Stitches and Double Crochet Stitches.

Tunisian Hooks
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Ebony Crochet Hooks
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Nam Oc Crochet Hooks
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Trai Crochet Hooks
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Ebony Crochet Hook Set
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Nam Oc Crochet Hook Set
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Trai Crochet Hook Set
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Variety Crochet Hook Set
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Fabric Crochet Hook Cases
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LH Crochet Hook Starter Kit
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Select the exotic woods of Ebony, Nam Oc or Trai to enhance your crochet experience. All crochet hooks are 6" long and come in 11 sizes D-M.