Handmade, Exotic Repurposed Wood, Crochet Hooks          
     Ebony                                                  Nam Oc                                                      Trai
Crochet Hook Sets - 11 Sizes D-M in an organza silk case
            Ebony                         Nam Oc                                Trai                                    Variety

  Our mission: Providing repurposed wood crochet hooks with a unique thumb rest design, providing comfort and affordable luxury to the crochet community.  Rick Brown founder, and the Laurel Hill team.

When we started...
About 20 years ago the crochet community embraced Laurel Hill as a socially responsible environmental company, making unique, handmade, and sustainable wood crochet hooks highlighted in this testimonial. 

"Thanks so much, Rick. What I failed to tell you in my previous e-mail is what a dream the hooks are to crochet with! They feel so comfortable in the hand and glide through yarn like silk. Great products!"
Carol Alexander, Editor, Crochet! Magazine, Member Board of Directors, CGOA 

"These elegant instruments are devine! I love the larger thumb spot of the crochet hook, and the wood used for all the pieces is wonderful!" Barb Bettegnies, Editor, Creative Knitting

Designer Profiles new for 2018
Corinne Freeman author of Box Stitch Crochet will share a monthly free pattern from her book on Laurel Hill, newsletters, and product updates. Also, other Corrine Freeman crochet patterns from outside this book will be available to Laurel Hill community subscribers.
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