Neko Curved Double Point Sock Needles

Neko Curved Double Point Sock Needles
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Price: $10.99
Product ID : neko_curved_double_point_sock_needles
Manufacturer: Neko


#0 2mm
#1-1/2 2.5mm
#2-1/2 3mm
#4 3.5mm
#6 4mm
#8 5mm


Comes 3 curved double point needles to a set.

NEKO's Curved Double Pointed Needle design makes it possible 
to knit socks, hats and loops with only 3 knitting needles.

Two needles hold the stitches and the third needle is used as knitting needle.

NEKO's Curved Needle Set makes knitting socks, hats and loops easier, faster and much more comfortable.

In Germany this kind of knitting sock, hats and loopsis called "Knitting Game" (Strickspiel).

With NEKOs CDPNs it is not done with five needles as usual but with three needles only.

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