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Offering a wide selection of Fiber Arts Tools and accessories from innovative companies representing the Fiber Arts Industry, we provide many styles and sizes of quality products to meet your crafting needs.

Items include crochet hooks, tunisian hooks, single point knitting needles, double points, circulars, interchangables, gift sets, other fiber art tools, accessories and so much more.

Find complete product lines from Laurel Hill, Addi, Brittany Birch, Basix Birch, Royale, ChiaoGoo, Dreamz Symfonie, Dreamz Symfonie Rose Cubics, Knitter's Pride, Karbonz, Marblz, Nova Platina, Nova Cubics Platina, Naturalz and Pony Rosewood.

Hook and needle materials include rosewood, ebony, nam oc, trai, forest palm, birch, colored birch, bamboo, carbon fiber, acrylic, stainless steel, chrome and nickel-plated brass. 

In addition we manufacture a unique proprietary line of Laurel Hill Crochet Hooks recoginized as some of the best on the planet.
When we started...
A decade ago the crochet community embraced Laurel Hill as a socially responsible environmental company, making unique, handmade, and sustainable wood crochet hooks highlighted in this testimonial.

"Thanks so much, Rick. What I failed to tell you in my previous e-mail is what a dream the hooks are to crochet with! 
 They feel so comfortable in the hand, and glide through yarn like silk. Great products!"
 Carol Alexander, Editor, Crochet! Magazine, Member Board of Directors, CGOA

"These elegant instruments are devine! I love the larger thumb spot of the crochet hook, and the wood used for all the 
pieces is wonderful!"
 Barb Bettegnies, Editor, Creative Knitting

Recent reviews:
Variety Crochet Hook Set feature in the Spring 2017 Issue of Interweave Crochet

Improvements for 2017!

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So proud to offer selected Addi lines from the Skacel Collection:

     Meet the addi® Rockets, a line of circular needles that combines the best of addi®. Styled after their popular addi Turbo® Lace, these extra-pointy tips feature the same great nickel-plating that gives the classic addi Turbo® its incomparable zip.                    
    Skacel Addi Olive Wood Circular Needles - these incredible circular needles feature Addi's smooth, flexible cables with snag free joins and the beauty and warmth of olive wood made from non-fruit bearing olive trees. Polished to perfection with a plant based oil finish, stitches glide smoothly and the needles are quiet and comfortable to work with as all tips and grips warm to body temperature quickly. A great choice for everyone and especially for arthritic hands.                                           
Addi FlipStix Double Point Needles
FlipStix are the best of both worlds - one end is sharp, the other is rounded, allowing knitters to choose the right point for every project. Each set comes with 5 needles. FlipStix are wonderfully light and smooth, but slightly grippier than the addi Turbo finish
Addi Swing Crochet Hooks
- A favorite among crochet hooks, the ergonomic addi® Swing Hooks have just a hint of flexibility, and fit right into the curve of the hand to allow for a more comfortable practice.

Addi has been manufacturing the highest quality Fiber Arts Tools from Germany since 1829.   

Visit Closeouts for deals, and our Arthritis Friendly Tools section designed for people who suffer from Arthritis and repetitive stress syndrome.